Benefits to Architects and Clients

  • Architects can choose from wide range of popular brands at competitive prices under one roof and also compare prices.
  • Clients can select A-Z products required from start to finish of the project to arrive at the actual cost of project during finalizing the blue print.
  • As the supply is from single source, the co-ordination is easier and also valueable time is saved.

Benefits to Vendors

  • The Vendors need not pay any Rentals for outlets.
  • They need not pay any Commission on Sales.
  • They need not extend any Credit Facilities to customers as they can get immediate Cash on Delivery of goods.
  • Landmaark extends marketing support to vendors.
  • They can get Bulk Orders from huge projects and avoid clash with the Retail Sale and Project Sale at their existing outlets.

Benefit to Builders

  • Truvalue will be the Single Point of Sourcing for the builder’s requirements.
  • Truvalue gets the bulk price advantage by consolidating all the builder’s orders and in turn pass on the benefit to the Builders.
  • We also assure that Quality products at competitive prices. We believe ‘Out of Quality is Out of Business’.
  • Truvalue can successfully handle Customization and End Product Marketing.
  • Truvalue can save the Builders the major expenses and increase the efficiency of its Purchase Department.
  • Builders can increase their profitability by plugging the pilferages, save money by plugging escalations and plug the cash crunch by using Credit facilities extended by Truvalue.
  • Professionally handled supply chain management.


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