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Product Description:

Ceramic fiber is manufactured from high purity raw material alumina powder, silica sand for the high temperature grades and zircon sand is also used. The ceramic mixture is heated in a high temperature electric furnace and the stream of molten material is drawn into fibers by either spinning or blowing .It is produced by advanced “blown” and “spun” processes .Ceramic fiber bulk shows a high temperature stability ,low weight and heat capacity and an outstanding sound absorption is complemented by their resistance to oxidation and reduction


Product Features:

•    Excellent thermal and chemical stability

•    Low thermal conductivity and heat storage

•    Excellent thermal shock resistance and sound –absorption capability

•    No bonding agent and corrosive substance

•    Asbestos free


Product Applications:

•    Furnace curtain of high temperature industrial

•    Heat insulation of high temperature pipe and container

•    Soft seal of petrochemical industry furnace tube

•    Protection of cable or fuel pipeline

•    Materials of high temperature protection composite



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